The little things


One thing that I’ve learnt through this journey is that depression, anxiety, stress, anger, can strike at any time. You think you’re having a good day but it always has the potential to go tits up.

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Step up for Sophie


Introducing Sophie.

Sophie is my little niece.

She’s been through a lot in her life and still hasn’t even hit double figures yet. She has Cerebral Palsy – Spastic Diplegia, which slows her down from doing a lot of things that she’d like to. But at the same time this little star would never let you believe that she suffers in any way. If she wants to do it, she lets you know and she does it.

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Change is good

20171022_120053 (1)

This is my happy mug. Even my wife doesn’t know my little secret. I only use it when I think I’m doing well as a daddy/husband. If I’m being a c*nt (the only expletive I feel I can’t type on here) then one of the others gets used for my copious amounts of tea and coffee that I drink until I get my head together. And that is where this blog post comes in……

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