Coming off anti-depressants

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Coming off anti-depressants is scary

Coming off anti-depressants scared the fuck out of me. Why would I want to chance going back to feeling like an angry, anxious, stressed out nutcase when I can just float along in my own little bubble? I didn’t do it on purpose, it happened by mistake twelve days ago. And now I’m in this far, I would be silly to go back.

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A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Nan Alive


Ok so the title of this blog post is a little bit edgy to say the least. I wanted to write a post about my beloved Nan and her recent struggles and so enlisted the help of a website to help me think of a title…….and this is what I ended up with! In reality it’s my Nan that is keeping herself alive with her fighting spirit which belies her nearly ninety five years on this planet.

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Oi, Square Eyes!

PS love

When I was growing up in the 80’s – 90’s, technology wasn’t very common. TV was the biggest waste of our time back then. Watching  kids TV on BBC1 after school until Neighbours came on and then actually sitting and watching that drivel until Dad had to watch the Six o’clock News. I remember when Channel 5 launched with the one and only master of the one liner, Tim Vine, as the face of the channel. That was the fifth major TV channel and he was the biggest name that they could recruit. Sad times.

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